Lebor Gabala’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection’s clothes to relax in

Summer is here, and to round out Lebor Gabala’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection we have reserved a small capsule that for us evokes, more than any other, summer, good weather and tranquillity. We call them «clothes to relax in.» Although we will remain on the Calle Villarías, in the trenches, we know that many of you are already packing your bags, or at least reorganizing your wardrobes for the summer – which really should include some articles like those designed by Lebor for this time of year.

Lebor Gabala Colores Primavera Verano 2015

As many of you already know, at Arropame… we always strive to give the pieces that we place on our hangers more than one use. Of course, the same is true with those in this small section. In the summer we pack up our clothes and travel, and the more versatile the garments we have in our wardrobe, the more likely they are to end up with us on vacation.

This Lebor Gabala section has been created to accompany you during those quiet moments typical of the most relaxing time of year. For those times of rest, but also for exercise, for mornings and afternoons spent reading languidly on the sofa, for barefoot walks on the beach, or having a drink at dusk in sandals.

Thanks to their combinations of natural dyes and quality fabric, these are garments clearly made to last. Their fading with each wash leaves means that the passage of time is reflected in each one of these pieces in a unique way, instilling them with personality, each one reflecting its use and the character of she who wears it.

Comfortable cotton articles that you’ll be able to combine however the occasion might require, and with colors that will not disappoint. Reinvented and revamped in accord with the summer warmth, for lively and energizing results.  “In” colors this Spring/ Summer 2015, like sunflower yellow, mandarin orange, cyan blue and khaki green, which will light up your face and favor you with your natural tan. Cheerful, upbeat colors that emanate good vibes and optimism. One’s best assets for these summer holidays.

*Only available at our Concept Store on the Calle Villarías, No. 5, Bilbao.


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