3 days 3 prices. The price you want to pay is up to you…

The ‘3 days, 3 prices, The Price you want to pay is up to you’ is back once again. It will start on July the 1st and finish on July the 3rd. It is not necessary to explain what is about for those you already know us, but for those you have not experience a ‘3 days, 3 prices’ yet, here is the explanation.

During the 3 days you will find 3 prices for each garment. One for the first day, another for the second, and a last one for the third. They belong to different discounts, which will be increasing along the sales. Let’s see an example for a cashmere sweater of Lebor Gabala: 1st July 30% off, 2nd July 35% off and 3rd July 40% off . You will be able to see the three prices, but the decision of how much to pay will be up to you. You can get it the first day before anyone else with the highest price or taking the risk of waiting until you get the price that better fits with your needs.

The discounts will be only available in-store. But, no worries. If you want to participate. Just have a look to the shop online, call us to the 94 425 60 76 and tell us the garments you would to like to know the prices of. We will tell you the three prices with their corresponding days. If you are interested on any of them, just let us know and we will send you your purchase anywhere you are.

Our is schedule is monday to saturday from 11.30 a.m to 8.00 p.m.

See you son!

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