Not just Father’s Day but a day for all men, for masculinity… their aroma

Father’s Day is coming up and as at Arropame we love to share, we’re taking advantage of this occasion to tell you about some secrets on our shelves that might help put a smile on his face.

Every year we face the same dilemma: it´s hard to find a gift for Father’s Day that expresses everything we want to. No matter how special they are, they all end up failing to deliver the message, or are too ephemeral. Moreover, we consider it not just Father’s Day but a day for all men, for masculinity.

diptyque dia del padre velas y perfumes

At Arropame we have found the item that can make our “Thanks”, “I love you” or “I miss You” last forever: a fragrance. And if it’s from diptyque, all the better. Who ever said that we don’t like men who smell like flowers? And who ever said that they don’t either?

There are many men who have fallen in love with diptyque‘s candles and perfumes: Pierre Hermé, Robert Hossein, Cristian Lacroix, Ali Mahidawi, Philippe Starck…




And Jean Paul Scarpitta, who defines diptyque as a secret and immaterial language. Their aromas draw from him a smile, a song, a glance, an outburst of laughter, a kiss… Manolo Blahnik discovered diptyque thanks to a gift. Ever since he’s taken their products wherever he goes. Gilles Dufour considers diptyque his antidote to nostalgia, and he’s never without them. Karl Lagerfeld found them in the 60s when it was still an Art Deco boutique, and since then he has been inspired by their pieces, magically perfumed by their aromas.


diptyque dia del padre velas y perfumes


We propose 5 different messages for Father’s Day, for your man, or whomever you like. You choose who and what you want to tell him.

1. FUTURE: ‘Phylosicos’ perfume + ‘Figuier’ fruit candle. The compositions of both are infused with fig. Fertility, abundance and good fortune are their meanings. 2. BEAUTY:  ‘Oléne’ perfume + ‘Jasmin’ flower candle. Both with touches of jasmine as a common element. A symbol of sensuality, affection, kindness, grace, elegance… 3.EXPERIENCE:  ‘L’ombre dans l’eau’ perfume + ‘Jonquille’ candle. They share a touch of moss. A plant that transmits calm and history. 4. PROTECTION: ‘Volutés’ perfume + ‘Myrrhe’ Candle. Myrrhe is its point of contact: an offering to protection. DREAMS: ’34’ perfume + ’34’ candle. Belonging to the 34 boulevard saint germain line, this set of fragrances was born after 50 years as a new ambition of diptyque’s to explore aromas with boldness, freedom and renewed dreams.

Which one will you choose for a Father’s Day gift?

  *perfumes only available at Arropame’s Bilbao Concept Store. (villanías nº5, Bilbao, Spain)

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