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Elena’s coincidences: the ultimate in Parisian looks, with the cashmere sweater

Libro Como ser Parisina





This week I want to share you with a coincidence that was as surprising as it was gratifying. A friend came to Arropame with an unexpected gift: the book How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits. I was really excited about this present, and immediately flipped through it. My dear friend, it was just the great gift. And here’s the coincidence: at that time we were preparing the second part of Arropame’s looks for this Fall/Winter: The most Parisian looks, with cashmere sweaters as the prevailing trend. This book sure came in handy!

Ever since I was a girl I have been drawn to all things French. French books, magazines and cinema have always fascinated me. Thus, it was inevitable that my first big trip in life was to Paris. Over the years I have continued to visit it regularly, not only for work, but for inspiration, to soak up its spirit, and the Parisian women’s perfectly unstudied style.

The reflections appearing in the pages of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits concur with all that I have learned over these years. Let me tell you about the importance of the cashmere sweater:

Do as they do: if a Parisian woman can put just one item in her closet, it will be a cashmere sweater, a piece that transcends all trends. A proper Parisian woman places a prime on quality, naturalness and timelessness.

Parisian women do not seek to look like anything they’re not. Their aim, rather, is to do the best they can with what they’ve got, inside and outside, regardless of their age. Hence the importance of getting that key garment right: the one that makes you feel strong and well-dressed, timeless, that looks good on you and matches your personality, without logos, heedless of the latest fashions. It is a gift that a woman gives herself, in accord with her age, tastes and budget, a symbol of her freedom that seems to whisper “yes, I bought it because I work, and because I like it.”

Some of you have heard these kinds of reflections at Arropame … before, haven´t you?

Sweater with print by Lebor Gabala
Grey trousers by Lebor Gabala
Navy v-neck sweater by Lebor Gabala
Denim skinny troquelado Broken Bow
Grey skinny cropped denim trousers by Brocken Bow
Navy knit jacket by Lebor Gabala
Camiseta blanca Lebor Gabala
White t-shirt by Lebor Gabala
Pantalon neopreno Lebor Gabala en Arropame O/I 2015
Neoprene trousers by Lebor Gabala
Kakhi v-neck sweater by Lebor Gabala
Leather trousers by Brocken Bow
Sneakers by Opening Ceremony
Alpargata Negra by Arropame...
Black espadrilles by Arropame…

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