Joseph SS15: non-stop wardrobe basics


There is one type of garment able to exponentially increase the power of unique pieces of clothing, which acts as a spotlight to illuminate and allow them to receive all the attention they deserve. They are the so-called wardrobe basics. Their function could be defined as a being the support to the most prized items of clothing in our wardrobe and ultimately, act as secondary characters in our outfit. Except some, Joseph’s.

 Joseph colección básicos SS15


Many of you already know the firm and like us, we are sure that you are happy to learn that Joseph and his wardrobe basics are on our hangers again. They are made intensely in response to the fabric, the cut, the design and the durability and it is this combination of factors under which they have been designed that make them shine for themselves and become truly unique. Not any basic item acts like this in our wardrobe because plain was never the same as simple. Joseph is a magician of the latter.


Joseph colección básicos ss15

We are passionate about him because in Arropame… we aspire to this deep sense of simplicity and this extraordinary journey, to bring the finest collections is a maximum. Selecting the best in his infinite senses is what will free you from having to buy everything, absolutely everything, you see in the shops to be dressed fabulously and with the latest fashion. Our job is to make each of you count with an excellent selection in your dressing room. It is, therefore, impossible to go without Joseph, the firm that best guides us to our final destination…

Joseph, in addition to a job well done, is also an investment. Not only because the prices of their everyday basics are affordable, but also because your wardrobe will have become impregnated with versatility during a very long time. With a small selection of Joseph, you will transform each outfit to fit your own style. You will be able to combine and complement them with what best suits you and your personality, and why not? To your plan for the day.

We did not invent the power of the Joseph’s wardrobe basics; his power is such that they today they have crossed many borders reaching everyone from Morocco to London and from London to New York or Beirut.

Outfit’s garments:

White short sleeve T-shirt by Joseph

Directional Poplin Circe Trouser in navy blue by Joseph

Grey asymmetric T-shirt by Joseph

Cropped light cotton stretch Bing Court Trouser by Joseph

Petrucha Leather slipper

Black Petrucha’s slipper with cracked leather texture

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