L’ Agence: 100% pure love

L'Agence en Arropame FW2015-16

Arropame L'Agence coleccion FW2015

Arropame L'Agence detalle blusa seda

Arropame L'Agence blusa seda FW2105

When it comes to love, experience fine-tunes your eye for the ideal. This reflection caught my eye in the book I recently spoke to you about: ‘How to Be a Parisian, Wherever You Are’. For me applying this idea to Fashion is inevitable. Everything that I read, observe and listen to informs my work.

Trends come and go. There are collections that excite us one season, but during the next lose the charm that made them unique. But time has a way of putting everything in its place, and things can come back around, renewing what a label once made us feel. This is what happened to me with the new collection by L’ Agence. You know the neatest part of this story? Their slogan is, coincidentally, ‘100% pure love‘.

When preparing the collections for this fall/winter 2015-16 I came across this American company with a French soul again, which strikes a balance between sophistication and a lack of pretension; always feminine and designed for today’s woman.

When I saw their items, I touched them, tried them on, and I was excited once again, appreciating the effect yielded by their selection of silk, cashmere and jeans. And, above all, the way their shirts look, fusing an ideal fit on one’s figure with style.

L’ Agence bases its collections on high-quality feminine fabrics that last: washable silks, old Japanese and Italian fabrics… they immediately reminded me of the materials from my childhood: their textures, their prints. Nowadays it is difficult to find many like these…

Let me tell you about their creator: Margaret Maldonado is a renowned Los Angeles-based designer who created L’ Agence in 2008. She began her career in the late 90s, and it could be said that she is behind the boom in the professional stylist phenomenon. Her experience dressing celebrities has trained her eye to detect what really looks good on women and makes them feel feminine. She applies that mastery to L’ Agence’s shirts, sweaters and jeans. Based on the utmost simplicity, they make an impact when you try them on.

With this firm we open up the second part of Arrópame’s collections this season. For us this is one of reencounters. If you are already familiar with L’ Agence, you’ll rediscover it too. And if it’s new to you, you’ll see what I’ve been talking about… and get that feeling that makes you say: ‘this is just what I was looking for‘.

Arropame L'Agence blusa seda FW2105
Silk navy blouse

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