One, two, three, four… and stop




Do you know that once you have smelt four consecutive aromas your sense of smell forgoes the following?

Do you know that when you try an aroma you should not stick it to your nose?

Do you know that when you are smelling different aromas you should clean your nose in between them?

Do you know why an aroma changes its smell after the first 15 minutes of use?

Do you know how long your aroma will last properly in its original container?

Do you know how to keep its original notes so that they don’t alter?

Finding it is sometimes a complicated task, we don’t have enough time when we stand in front of a shelf full of possibilities, right? We start smelling them, we feel saturated… the search for an aroma is not easy, especially when we seek personality, individuality and style.

You’re invited to come to our concept store, talk to us about you, what you’re looking for, how your every day is… It’s not curiosity for our part, it’s information that will help us make a selection of the aromas that will be closer to your needs and desires. It’s very likely to find one that suits you and when you meet a friend or an ‘enemy’ pays you one of the best compliments ‘You smell so nice!

Before making it yours definetely, you’ll have the chance to take with you a tester and decide with security: Tarocco, Tam Dao, Philosykos, Do Son, Olene

Diptyque’s world is waiting for you in Arropame.. a small luxury that you can access.



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