Petrucha footwear: tradition and design Made in Spain


Who makes them? Where do they come from? What are they made from? Are they on trend? For what occasions? For men or women? Will they be comfortable? What about the quality?

Petrucha is the company that ties off the controversies of recent times. In the current crisis of values and the frenetic search for identity in a globalised world with increasingly fewer distinguishing features, this brand of footwear is going back to basics, reviving the cult of beauty. A new way of making shoes that marks a turning point thanks to its traditional manufacturing techniques that are perfectly blended with modern designs.


Zapatos Petrucha en Arropame


From its unique workshop in Alicante, Petrucha is setting a new trend, advocating love of the little things, taking pleasure in the detail, respect for the process and for the environment. They are recovering the past with a view to the future. The result is contemporary elegance in a shoe with the added bonus of sustainability.


Zapatos Petrucha en Arropame


Shoes that enhance individuality, emphatic and unique. A brand of footwear Made in Spain with 100% traditional artisan materials and completely unisex, committed to the environment but, above all, to new styles of urban living. Petrucha is quality, tradition, and authenticity, and their shoes are coming to Arropame… cutting an impressive dash.


Zapatos Petrucha en Arropame


Come and see for yourself; you won’t regret it. Because if you can’t find your exact size, we can order them custom made, and in a few days you’ll have your new Petrucha shoes in your wardrobe.


Perceiving the essence of everything makes us understand, classify and describe the world in completely new terms. Don Juan Matús

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