Petrucha: individuality restored

Petrucha zapato con falda en Arropame Bilbao FW2015

Petrucha zapatos con pantalon piel Arropame Bilbao FW2015

Petrucha zapatos con vestido corto Arropame Bilbao FW 2015

Petrucha Zapatos pantalon recto Arropame Bilbao FW 2015

Petrucha mocasin pantalon recto Arropame Bilbao FW 2015

Petrucha botin con vestido Arropame Bilbao FW 2015

Petrucha botin con pantalon claro Arropame Bilbao FW 2015


I was really looking forward to our shoe selection reaching our concept store. Petrucha was the brand chosen.

One of the most important parts of my job is to pay close attention to everything that is going on in the fashion world, but even more: what is happening with people, our needs, desires, and what we’re bored of, in order to make a selection of brands that, firstly, meet my expectations and, consequently, those who feel an affinity with the philosophy behind our concept store.

The future of fashion hinges upon the exaltation of individuality. Good designers are able to do so in an original and interesting way, ever consistent with the characteristics defining their firm, thereby preserving its hallmarks. Petrucha is included in this selection. Slowly and silently, it has carved out a place at our concept store.

DNA: sleek shoes, manufactured in Spain. Leading this Alicante-based company is a group of young people headed up by Anaid Cano and Josep Vila. Their main focuses are efficiency and sustainability. At Petrucha they avoid generating unnecessary stock, and refuse to be bound to ever-new collections and the time demands imposed by fashion seasons. And, if they don´t have your size, Petrucha will customize your shoes.

Petrucha’s materials are carefully chosen, shun the use of chemicals, and are based on local, ethically-produced products. Their shoes include items designed and printed in biodegradable 3D, by the Bilbao-based Comme Des Machines. The result: Petrucha.

London, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ghent, Basel, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Riga and Tokyo are cities that, like our Arrópame concept store, have welcomed Petrucha, alongside internationally renowned brands.

Last week I talked about Tim Blanks, one of the most influential writers in the world of fashion. In his view the next big thing will be a return to old ways; that is, back to tailors and dressmakers, to bring back individuality and valuing what we wear. He is not alone, and we see Petrucha as a firm already advancing this movement.


Petrucha abkle boot Arropame Bilbao FW 2015
Leather ankle boots Lou
Petrucha lace up shoes Arropame Bilbao FW2015
Leather lace-up shoes Wax
Petrucha leather shoes Arropame Bilbao FW 2015
Leather shoes Harper

Complete collection at our concept store.

Photo shoot with clothes from the following collections:

Helmut Lang, Opening Ceremony, Lebor Gabala y Current/Elliott.

All available at our concept store.

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