Charlotte Gainsbourg & current elliott: Pieces featuring an attractive Parisian gamine look.


Although for many duality can be disconcerting, there are people who have the capacity to make it one of their greatest virtues and transform it into an instrument of seduction. In this case, we might say that our protagonist’s dualism is her trademark, and the reason why she has captivated the likes of the movie director Lars Von Trier, the musician Beck, and the designer Balenciaga.

The daughter of the London actress and singer Jane Birkin and the acclaimed musician, singer, author, composer, actor and director of French cinema Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte Gainsbourg is carefree and at the same time committed, with a masculine style, but still decidedly feminine, and discreet despite having appeared in some of the cinema’s most provocative scenes, with the sweetness typical of her French roots, and exhibiting Anglo-Saxon frankness, nevertheless.

After serving as one of Nicholas Ghesquière’s three most important muses at Balenciaga, Charlotte Gainsbourg once again delights us with her unique and personal style in the fashion world. Today she works with CurrentElliott, the ever more popular denim fashion firm, to offer us a concise collection of pieces featuring an attractive Parisian gamine look. Through this collaboration CurrentElliot shows up its American sensibility, furnishing the brand with the most polished aesthetic by placing a boyish element into play.

At Arropame… we didn’t want to miss out on this unique collection packed with personality, a fusion of the best American fashion culture and the greatest in French expressiveness, giving rise to garments of exquisite materials like cashmere and cotton, oozing the most exclusive class of casual style. CurrentElliot and Gainsbourg are the ultimate combination for natural sensuality, no-frills femininity, and elegance without illusory pretensions. A personality that is purely the fruit of an apparent coincidence, or an inimitable causality? You decide.

Charlotte Gainsbourg Current Elliott colleccion en Arropame...

  1. Currentelliott – Charlotte Gainsbourg: red cashmere sweater 2. Currentelliott – Charlotte Gainsbourg: black trousers with pockets 3. Currentelliott – Charlotte Gainsbourg: black suit/trousers 4. Currentelliott – charlotte gainsbourg black blazer

If you want to know more about Gainsbourg, here’s some information on her life:

She was born in 1971 in the United Kingdom. As we said above, she’s lived her whole life surrounded by figures from the world of the arts: her father, Serge Gainsbourg; her mother, Jane Birkin; her husband, the director and actor Yvan Attal…

She landed her first starring film role in Paroles et musiques at age 13 when her mother took her to audition. In 1988, at age 17, she worked under the renowned French director François Truffaut in La petite voleuse. However, you may remember her for her performance in 21 Grams, alongside Sean Penn, or in Antichrist, in a role that garnered her a Best Actress award at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Her first musical performance dates from 1983, a duet entitled “Lemon Incest” on an album of her father’s, Serge Gainsbourg, “Love on the Beat”, whose video is bound to spark controversy. After numerous musical collaborations she will finally team up with Bek David Campbell, or Beck, as this acclaimed singer, songwriter, street artist and composer is known all around the world. The name of the album, IRM – the French acronym for «Magnetic Resonance Imaging» – stems from the fact that years back Charlotte Gainsbourg received several scans following a skiing injury; the machine’s sound must have made an indelible impression on her.



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