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We often buy something, all excited about it during the summer, but when September rolls around we end up stowing it away until the following year. At Arropame… we also have pieces that shift with the changing seasons, but along with others that anticipate them – like Sexy Black. We have three good bits of news to give you: it’s a trend that is here to stay, you can enjoy it right now and… it’s already on our hangers!

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Embrace the power of sensuality. Transparencies, decolletage, slits, backless pieces… all dyed in the most suggestive and elegant color of all: black. A trend that reasserts an attitude. She who dons these pieces clearly does not doubt herself, and there is nothing more powerful that a confident woman. Sensuality is “in” thanks to women who suggest, without revealing, wearing articles that favor and accentuate their innate charms.

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At Arropame… we don’t want to be slaves to the past, and even though we think that returning to remote times in search of quality is imperative, we are also convinced that this must always be done with an eye on the future. We look far across time – and also space, pausing to observe the fashion capitals, but we seek out designers who transmit freshness to us and furnish us with new perspectives. In this way, when selecting our collections we stay one step ahead of what is coming. We intuit what is going to be worn, aware that at times we are going to take it a little bit far. Nevertheless, we take the plunge, with the assurance that sooner or later what we bank on is going to work.

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Such is the case with Sexy Black, currently all the rage. We had already discovered it thanks to Carol Lim and Humberto Leon and the latest collection from the Opening Ceremony firm. Today Vogue ratifies it in its latest issue. “An army of designers endorses the most explicit sensuality, (…) they are the architects of the hottest kind of hot.”

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*Vogue nº327 Edición Junio 2015

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Black cut out neck dress by Opening Ceremony

Black cotton blend jacquard fitted dress from Opening Ceremony featuring a cut out back

Black flared dress by Opening Ceremony

Black embossed dress by Opening Ceremony

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