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  • Elena falls in love with Irie Wash’s oversize blazer

    One of the things I like most when kicking off a new season is receiving the boxes full of work: seeing, touching, trying on, selecting, deciding at fairs, shows and showrooms… everything in these boxes, Arropame…’s new collections.

  • 3 days 3 prices. The price you want to pay is up to you…

    The ‘3 days, 3 prices, The Price you want to pay is up to you’ is back once again. It will start on July the 1st and finish on July the 3rd. It is not necessary to explain what is about for those you already know us, but for those you have not experience a ‘3 days, 3 prices’ yet, here is the explanation.

  • Joseph 2nd part: A touch of classic and a touch of modern

      «A touch of classic and a touch of modern, in equal measure, that is the formula.» Two years ago Giorgio Armani thus described the key to success to Vogue Editor in Chief Yolanda Sacristán. We can read about it in the May issue, and nothing could better describe the second part of Joseph’s Spring/Summer Collection. 

  • White colour, best Mother’s Day Gift

      In the United States wearing white after the first Monday of September, or «Labor Day,» meant not belonging to high society. In Spain not doing so after 1 May 2015 or the «Day of the Worker» is going to mean not belonging to the circle of fashion lovers: white is one of the hottest trends this Spring-Summer 2015. And it can be your greatest asset on your Mother’s Day Gift search,…

  • Andrea and María + Arropame, a morning of inspiration

    «I don’t understand how there can be people who don’t like trying on clothes”: Andrea’s reflection perfectly sums up the morning we spent with her and her friend María, when they decided to take a break from university and gather their strength with a trip to Arropame.

  • Lebor Gabala autumn-winter collection 2014

    Lebor Gabala is here with all guns blazing. The firm was one of the first gems to be brought into Arrópame, and 24 years later, and with change looming on the horizon, we are paying tribute to the label as we bid farewell to Arrópame’s stint in Las Arenas.

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