The Arropame… outfit. You will love your skirt and your short-sleeve shirt


This week we propose an outfit that will make you love your skirt and your short-sleeve shirt. If you don’t have them you’ll have to get them first, because they’re going to be godsends on many of those hectic days packed with 1000 commitments and activities.

Today we are inspired by the frantic days of New York women. The kind who rush out in the morning, never to return home. Though there’s no need to go very far to realize that, anywhere in the world, more and more of us are running around everywhere we go. For those sunny workdays when it’s tough to come up with an outfit right for all kinds of situations, we have concocted this one. You can decide right away whether you want a more or less sophisticated look by adding just a couple of essential articles and a changeable piece you can keep in your purse.


Los outfit de Arropame... Amarás tu falda y tu camisa de manga corta 1


Essential: the black, elastic, denim pencil skirt that comes to above the knee. Don’t overlook any of these features, as they will make it possible for it to weather all your activities, and for you to transform your look. The second must-have: a short-sleeve shirt to give your outfit a gamine touch. Don’t forget that you’re wearing an above-the-knee skirt, something essentially feminine, so you’ll need to tone that down a bit. The short sleeves could not work better: they’re “in” and nice and light for hot days.


Los outfit de Arropame... Amarás tu falda y tu camisa de manga corta 3


And, finally, sandals and sneakers. Yes, both. You decide when to put on what, depending on the formality of the situation and the weather. We already told you in the post from Thursday: in the spring/summer of 2015, fashion is going street level. A bag to throw your shoes and make-up in… and you’ve got it all. Let the day begin!


Los outfit de Arropame... Amarás tu falda y tu camisa de manga corta 3


Articles forming the outfit

White Brad shirt by Joseph

Black denim skirt ‘The Skinny Mini’ by CurrentElliott

Multicoloured leather floral print sneakers from Carven

Mersyni Gold sandals by Isapera

Grey Green sequined  slouch hand bag

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