The Arropame… outfit. The challenge: t-shirts

Another Sunday and… another new outfit! Today we’re going to talk to you about an essential article. When you hear about it you might think: «Oh, I already have one. What an easy challenge they’ve got for me this week.» Ummm… maybe for some, but for others… we’ll see. This Sunday we’re talking about the importance of THE t-shirt. Listen up, because although you all have t-shirts in your wardrobes, the difference is them graduating to the level of THE t-shirt after subjecting them to a little scrutiny. Later you can tell us how many of them made the grade.

Los outfit de Arropame... La camiseta

At Arropame… we believe that behind a simple but refined class of well-being there is always a concept, a vital and abiding attitude. This, in many wardrobes, means having basic, high-quality articles, those that endure the passage of time and that, whenever in doubt, we always end up choosing as a safe bet. In order to make the cut as indispensable basics, they had to meet a few requirements. You might not even realize it, but you’ve already put them through more than one filter before they earned that privileged status.

T-shirts out, spread on the bed, or on hangers in front of you. It’s time to analyze them. We begin with a question: how many times have you worn each this last season? Now it’s time to think about why. Now it’s getting tougher…

Los outfit de Arropame.... La CamisetaFabric: they should feel like a second skin. The point of a good t-shirt fabric is for one to feel comfortable. If the fabric or seams are felt on the skin… in less than a season it´s bound to be consigned to the back of your closet.

Los outfit de Arropame.... La CamisetaStructure:as we stressed at the outset, all refined simplicity is rooted in a concept, a vital and abiding attitude, and, this could never be more true than here. Those who know how to design a t-shirt understand that they must feature cuts that favor and respect the bodies of those who will be wearing them, and are conscious of how fabrics affect lines, and that they must combine perfectly with any formal or informal article, pants, skirt, sandals, flats or of heels.

Los outfit de Arropame.... La Camiseta

If your t-shirts have these characteristics, their patterns and adornments won’t really matter. These will all depend on your tastes, but there will be no doubt that they have passed the test. They will be with you for as long as you will have them. They will be your indispensable t-shirts. They will be THE t-shirts.

Los outfit de Arropame... La camiseta

Here’s our formula for any article:

50% forgetting about what you’re wearing + 50% feeling that it looks good on you = THE garment


Garments forming the Post

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